Doctor Wars The Hospital Strategy Board Game
Doctor Wars The Hospital Strategy Board Game

Doctor Wars® Board Game is a game of strategy – like chess – but also involves chance. The game can be played with two to four players, ages 10 and up.

No medical knowledge is needed to play Doctor Wars® (though if you've ever worked in a hospital, you'll enjoy the inside jokes!)

How to Play:

  • The object of Doctor Wars® Board Game is to collect the most points. You collect points by successfully "treating"
    sick patients in a hospital and winning their cards.
  • You treat patients by moving your game pieces – a team of 3 doctors and a nurse – to control patient rooms. Like chess, the pieces move in different ways and have different ranks.
  • All patients on the board have cards that show their medical problems. Harder problems give you
    more points.
  • To collect points, you must have the highest-ranked doctor in a patient room. You then remove the top problem card and win the points on the card.
  • If two doctors of equal rank meet head-to-head, roll dice to see who wins the Doctor War!
  • After all a patient's problems have been treated, you can "discharge" the patient from the hospital by removing the patient card from the board, collecting more points.
  • The game ends when all patients have been discharged.

Like other board games, Doctor Wars® involves random cards and dice rolls that create unexpected situations. How will you respond to the twists and turns of chance?


For more details, watch the following videos, and review the rule book that comes with the game.

Setting up the board

Learn how to set up the game and distribute the patient and problem cards.

Moving the game pieces

Learn the ranks of your doctors and how to move your medical team.

Playing a turn - part 1

A step-by-step example of playing a turn. Watch one player's turn in part 1, then the other player's turn in part 2.

Playing a turn - Part 2

Playing a Doctor War

Learn who gets to treat the patient when opponents' doctors are in the same room.